Wedding planner part two

The answer to the question.

I know some of you think that the wedding must be perfect and for that to happen you must have a wedding planner.  The truth is it is all up to you. The wedding is all about the bride. The groom for the most part acts as if he is helping planning the wedding but it is more like. “Yes dear if that is what you want.”

I didn’t say you don’t want or need a  wedding planner

So let’s cut to the chase I beaten around the bush long enough. A wedding planner is one who finds out what you want then makes it happen.  I know too often a wedding planner will have a meeting with the bride and the information will go in one ear and out the other. That will make your life miserable. Like I said. I didn’t say you don’t need or want a wedding planner . Just make sure he or she is doing what you want and not what the wedding planner wants.

How to get what you want.

If you are doing the wedding yourself of course with a little help from family and friends then the next section may or may not help. Lest say for instance you have hired a wedding planner the cost doesn’t matter but let’s  say  it is around  two thousand dollars.

You set the wedding planner down and tell her that you want a wedding on a nude beach and in great detail you explain what your dream is or may be it is a costume ball type situation. Remember it is your celebration and you should have it your way.

When you talk to him or her in the first meeting they are trying to get your business. If you said the moon was purple they would agree. It is what happens after the initial meeting that drives you crazy.

I have some vendors (friends) to help.

Let’s take a quick look at her or his vendors. First of all they are either family or friends and they have a limited skill set. They have some things left from the last traditional wedding. Yes, I said it traditional wedding. They have no idea what to do for a nude beach wedding or costume party wedding. They would have to go buy every thing now they want to charge you double or triple, but wait.

The vendors tell the wedding planner she or he  needs to get you to change the theme.

That’s right the vendors dictate to the wedding planner to try to get you to huge your mind. After all there is only one of you and your wedding planner has a whole list of vendors.

I know your wedding planner said they was giving you a big discount for choosing them but what they ment to say they was giving you a discount and was going to get the money back from the kick backs that the vendors was going to give them. Oh my, did I let the cat out of the bag. Now I will have wedding planners all over the world mad at me.Oh well lets move on.

What to do?

If you have a wedding planner and this is happening to you fire them. Ypu are the bride and it is your day and it should be the way you want it even if you need to step up to the plate. You Can get the wedding planners guide or just wing it.

I know that sounds a little weird as you have probably been told all you’re  life that you need to plan every thing so it goes the way you want it. Have you ver heard the best laid plans of mice and men. Incase you dont know what that means. What ever the best pans that are made something can and usually does go wrong.

Don’t be afraid Just do it.

Only you know how you really invision your wedding. If you use a wedding planner make sure they are on the same page as you. If not then get rid of them. It is time the wedding planner saw your vision.

Until next time where we will discuss more about the wedding I bid you ado.

To Wedding Planner or Not To wedding Planner

What is a wedding Planner.

If you watch the movies every girls dream is to have someone plan their wedding. The funny thing about wedding planners are they are not cheap. If you are having a wedding and you are working and don’t have time to plan you wedding then may be  a wedding planner is for you. If you want control of your wedding then may be a wedding planner is not for you.

Let’s Pan your Wedding right here on this Blog.

The first thing I would recommend is the wedding planner guide on a budget weather your budget is 1000 or 1000000 this book will help you plan and deliver your wedding and keep you sane. I want every one to have the wedding you want weather you have 100 dollars or several million. SO lets figure out your dream wedding.

How big is the wedding going to be?

Now I know every girls dreams is to have  a huge wedding with a thousand guest. The Knight in shining armor taking her away. but wait, that only happens in fairy tales.

Remember every for every guest you plan on there is a cost. You might say a guest has a cost. Yes from the does to a place at the table to the size venue you choose.

We have just begun and we are already talking money yes the wedding is one big party so get used to talking money. The smaller the wedding the lest the cost. Think about this just for a moment if you planned on Joe coming to the wedding and it cost ten dollars per person then you are planning on spending ten dollars for Joe. A few days before the wedding Joe calls and says ” I hope you dint mind but several of his friends decided to come and see you get hitches.” You have two problems one is that several of Joe’s friends is coming to see you get married. How many is that?

Several could be as little as three or as many as a hundred at ten dollars a person that could be a lot of money you didn’t plan for. That means once you decide on the size of the wedding you need to try to keep it that way.

Where will the wedding Be

Most brides knows where she wants to be married weather it be in a lake, in a church, in a historical house. There are so many places to choose from. You could have a wedding planner go look at them for you but if you want the feel you really need to go look at them your self.

Most places will have a charge from 700 to several thousand dollars for the two or three hour the wedding will be hosted there. I have found if the bride and groom will approach the person who has the venue and talk about what they want they will get it cheaper than if a wedding planner comes in and says the couple loves the place how much.

Think about it do you really need a wedding planner?

The more you think about it the cost keeps going up and if you are paying for a wedding planner you have to add that cost too. while we are here lets look at the duties of a wedding planner. I will answer that question in the next post. In the mean time why don’t you try the book.

Wedding Dresses for every Bride

Wedding Dresses Brides Seek.

All women want to look their best on the big day.  Most women dream of the perfect wedding with the perfect wedding dress. This is one of the most daunting task a bride has. Every bride has a dream of what their wedding will be like and how they will look. One bride may want a white fluffy wedding dress. The next bride might want a wedding dress to fit a theme for instance a black dress with a long trail to fit a Gothic theme. That means a Wedding Dresses Brides Seek


  Wedding Dresses come in a type that fits all Brides

While most women dream about the big fluffy white dress and the train that four brides maids must manage. That is not what all women wind up with as they grow older their taste changes and so does their style.

Women when they find the man they want to marry will sometimes change the way they do a wedding including the dress depending on the man.this will give his woman Wedding Dresses Brides Seek

I know of a couple who the man is a bit Gothic and the bride is having her wedding done in black and red her dress is black. So that means some times the brides will want a different type of dress.

 Where to get your wedding dress

I will show you places to get wedding dresses at a lower cost. The reason is I know that most women don’t want to spend 900.00 to 15,000.00 for a dress.

I will show you where to find the type of dress you want and can afford. I know you want to look your best so lets just get off and look now.

The first place to look would be amazon. This will take you to there line of wedding dresses on Amazon.

if you want to check some out on ebay wedding dresses

I hope this helped you. My next blog will be in a few days so be sure to follow me so you can keep up to date on weddings and how to do what you want in your wedding. Feel free to ask questions and I will answer them in the blog because if you want to know how to do something or just want a question answered then I will bet someone else would like to know the answer too.

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